Sunday, May 11, 2014

Daily Painting

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I enjoyed a great workshop this past week with Carol Marine. Even though we worked small  6x6" or 8x8", getting a painting done in a day was a challenge. 

To give myself a break, it wasn't a whole day because Carol did a demo or 2 each day. We painted shoes, a still life, flowers, people and a wrapped package. Carol taught me to pay attention to value and to start over if the drawing wasn't quite right. I did that a lot. 

Carol was right. I got better with each do-over. I painted 7 canvases in 5, 1/2 days. Below aremy somewhat successful attempts. Sue Bown did a great job feeding us 3 squares a day at "Bide a While". All in all it was a great experience. 
My beloved boots

Flower de jour

A rose is a rose is a rose

My first wrapped package

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